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By Judy Dobransky

Yvonne Hodge started in NAWGJ as a Regional Judging Director for Region 5. That was 1974 – 75. When she stepped down from that position, the NGB wanted her to stay on the board, so they restructured somewhat and created the position of LIBRARIAN (with a Historical emphasis) and named Mrs. Hodge to the role. At that time Yvonne was not a typist, nor was she a computer literate Magnolia! But she was of “steelier” stuff and became our President! Our original shorthand and educational mailings were all handwritten!

“Vonnie? Or Sissonie” (as she was tenderly called), This is Judy Dobransky, and I have a proposition for you. I don’t want an election, or a voting position, nor do I need to be on the board. (I had served as Michigan SJD & Co SJD for 12 years. I was already on my state board and that was fine.) All I want to do is help to educate our judges and build our library! Can I take your position and get that ball rolling?”
She checked with her board, and the deed was done!

Joining forces with the Queen of “Judging Things” and the world’s most organized, efficient and dear friend since 1985 - Brenda Eberhardt of Louisiana - we started production. Then I found David Yellen and with his skills behind the camera and his love of the sport we had arrived!

From 1 and 2 disks we have grown and blossomed with our video productions and presentations. Brenda has created aid after aid and provides our association with “THINGS” of all kinds…and our inventory continues to grow! We have accumulated excellent vendors and have developed a National Library with Goods and Goodies to promote and enhance education. It has been a self sufficient part of NAWGJ and the more we sell, the more we put back.

Its been an AMAZING ride!! And we still have plenty of Fuel to keep going! We truly appreciate the support of the judges and the gymnastic family that we nurture with all of our “stuff".